Charlie Newhart


Comedian and Actor Charlie Newhart was born and raised in the suburbs of Detroit. His first shot at performing manifested when his parents wrote and directed a play which starred Newhart when he was 16. He immediately caught the bug and began performing in stage plays and doing stand-up comedy. Along with Comedy and Stage Plays, Newhart has also appeared in several commercials. Newhart has had bit parts in several films but his biggest role to date is the portrayal of  Jeremiah Flack in the film Beyond the Mask due to be released in Theaters in 2014. He enjoys being an MC/ Host on the TV show Ask Dr. Nandi, were he keeps the audience entertained between takes with comedy, dancing and overall family fun.  He lives in Canton Michigan with his wife and 6 children. Charlie is grateful to be a part of the Collaborations team and credits Shiek Mahmud-Bey as being an inspiration.