DeRon B. Campbell


It is said that every lifetime produces at least one "Great," individual. Born July 8, 1985, we are fortunate to be introduced to DeRon Brigdon Campbell who hails from Queens, New York. His poise and radiantly sane intelligence permeate whatever film and play he is in be it a socially conscious drama like his first play Samson's Way or comedy where he played Rodney in the short film The Mechanic, co-starring along side comedian Micheal Blackson. Perplexed as a teen when asked, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" did not last long when his popularity and outgoing nature drew him to Hillcrest High School's Theater program. Since then he saw acting not just for the fame and money but for its artistic nature and grew in great admiration for the craft. If asked, DeRon would say he started acting professionally since 2005 when he first honed his skills at The Black Spectrum Theater under the tutelage of the great Fulton Hodges. Since then, DeRon went on to do various roles in Film and Theater all of which were starring roles like playing Cobra in feature film Mozart of Rap portraying a street thug struggling to become a rapper, True Story where he plays Cory, a young man struggling with his identity desperate to tell his friends and girlfriend who he truly is and the play Bitter Apples, directed by Arthur French where he played lead. He studied at The School for Film and Television, The Theatre Institute at B.M.C.C. and HB Studios. DeRon sees himself as being very versatile, able to portray a wide variety of characters, not just the norm; "young black physically fit male from the streets." Now-a-days you can catch him expanding his horizons by branching out into doing commercials and trying his hand at producing and directing. DeRon is a deeply dedicated actor and refers to acting as being his life and passion. At the rate he is going the world shall soon know his name.