Erin Sanderson

Erin Sanderson is making her live performance debut on the Collaborations platform. A newcomer to the craft of acting, Erin has worked diligently and aggressively to transition from editing video and assisting in the execution of various productions, to starring in her first feature film.

Erin initiated her pursuit of acting in 2009, but, with limited knowledge of how to jumpstart a career in the field, she decided to end her journey and focus on other endeavors. It wasn’t until mid-2012 that Erin began entertaining the idea of revisiting her desire to become an on-camera talent; and by 2013, she seized the opportunity to do just that by hosting shows and events in New York and New Jersey.

Erin decided to pursue acting again in late 2013, after being introduced to acting coach, Sheik Mahmud-Bey, through one of the connections that she acquired through hosting. Shortly after enrolling in Sheik Studios, she landed the roles of Vanessa in the Webseries “The Lex Chronicles”, and Jessica, in the Short Film, “Greater Than the Game”. Erin looks forward to shooting the Feature Film, “The Man Who Walked the Dog: The Story of DMX and DJ Superior”, where she plays the girlfriend of DJ Superior, as well as shooting the pilot episode of the TV Series, “The Sidelines”, where she plays the seductress, Tami ko. Currently, Erin is shooting the Drama, “Where Hearts Lie””: Her first feature film, in which she landed the lead female role as the deeply jaded, Nikki.

Through Collaborations, Erin wishes to challenge herself in a new and exciting way: performing in front of a live audience. She is fortunate to have the opportunity to expand her abilities as a talent, and looks forward to developing a diverse, distinguished catalogue as her career begins to, steadily, blossom!