Collaborations is a diverse group of talented individuals, working together to help one another grow. This is more than a meeting of like minded people, but more of a family of inspired artists on a mission. Why not have some fun while we're at it? This is Collaborations, please meet our growing family since 2011.

Jamal Joseph
Trevor D'aigle
Tim Williams
Tiffany Witherspoon
Susan Campanaro
Sam L Smith
Monique A. Robinson
Lori Richardson
Lesley Kay
Laura Haddard
Kymbali Craig
Kate Konigisor
Josie DiVincenzo
Josh Bartlett
Joe Lebovic
George Michael Ross
Zeltida Belvett
Drewe Rami
Nehassaiu deGannes
Charlie Newhart
Charletta Rozzell
Chad D'Aigle
Blair Prince
Annie Goodman
Ann Filippis
DeRon B. Campbell
Anna Savant
Damion Lee
Emilee Cordes
Eudora Tucker
Gregarious Reid
Justin Hurtt-Dunkley
Karinne Saint-Louis
Keith Oliver
Kevin Guzman
Leighann Rose
Sage Devlin
Sophia Loren Coffee
Tomike Ogugua
Will Strong
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"His [Shiek] straight talk approach combined with love and humor made the whole experience worthwhile. One feels his passion for the craft. I left inspired to do more and be more."

- Tomike Ogugua

The Collaborations Group
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Phone:  347-674-4355