Gene Presendieu

Born 1/13/1985. Born and raised in Brooklyn,NY.  Raised by a single mother with two brother and sisters. As a child i performed every form of dance,  gospel praise dancing, ballet, tap,African, hip hop, jazz,modern. As a young teenager I moved into the sports world playing AAU basketball and football. In high school I moved to South Carolina were I became totally well rounded. A honor student, Becoming captain of the debate team and class Vice President.  On top of being state champions in track and field and won a full scholarship to South Carolina State as A defensive back (corner). In my sophomore year I  blew my knee out and I began my journey as an actor. Studying with some the greats throughout the country (Black Nexxus studios, Susan Batson) (TSAW, Tasha Smith) ( MJj studios ,Marc John Jefferies) (kesi action studios) just to name a few along with countless of other workshops and seminars. I am currently working on my black belt in Japanese jujitsu. As a freelance artist I have worked on local theater projects and many student films. I am currently searching for the right representation to help me take my career to next level.