George Michael Ross


George Michael Ross, II is a native of Washington, D.C. He has had a thriving passion for the arts from a young age and through his vocal excellence he has charmed crowds from a very young age to to the present. He began seriously honing in on his craft at the age of 14 when admitted into Duke Ellington School for the Arts, Washington, D.C.'s prized and only arts school. While training at school of the arts George Concentrated on Theatre and also perfected his musicianship by being a part of the Duke Ellington Show Choir . 

In 2010 George moved to New York City in hopes of expanding and beginning his career as an actor and singer. He is very excited about being a part of Collaborations and would like to thank his family and close friends for their unrelenting love and support. It is going to be an amazing experience, and he is very gracious for the opportunity.