Joyia D. Bradley

is an independent director, writer and producer. Her work has been seen both in the States and abroad. She started acting at the age of 12 and has studied and performed both in the US and London. In 2004, she opened her production company, EB Productions. The first production, "Soul to Keep", a one person tour-de-force, opened to rave reviews and played the festival circuit in New York City. She then moved onto film where she completed two silent shorts before tackling a documentary entitled, "Equally Created", that dealt with the disparages of African American portrayal in the media versus reality.  "Black Woman", a satirical short, was her first endeavor where she wrote, directed and produced simultaneously. From that time, she continued to do all three mediums, stage, film and television. Recently, she finished directing a new play for New Perspective's Short Play Festival and is a member of the Articulate Theatre Company. Currently, she is developing a feature film and television series slated for 2015.