Karinne Saint-Louis


Karinne Saint-Louis (yes that is her real name) has been in various Short Films such as Reflection Eternal and Toshiba Contest Commercials.  She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design before realizing Design really wasn’t her song and dance.  She has had the privilege to study acting under the tutelage of The Atlantic Theater Company, Anthony Abeson and Shiek Mahmud-Bey. She is also a professionally trained singer. Karinne loves to meditate so if you happen to fall asleep during her performance, she will think you love to meditate too and join in. So don’t do it. 


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"His [Shiek] straight talk approach combined with love and humor made the whole experience worthwhile. One feels his passion for the craft. I left inspired to do more and be more."

- Tomike Ogugua

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