Kelsey Adams

210 Route 4 East, Suite 211

Paramus, NJ 07652
T: 973-970-4589 F: 201-843-8775 E:

Kelsey Adams, born and raised in Virginia, was a charismatic and talented cheerleader who graduated with honors before moving to Birmingham, Alabama with her family.

Her introduction to entertainment began with various extra roles in television and film, such as The Collection, Joyful Noise, and USA’s Necessary Roughness.

In Tyler Perry’s The Marriage Counselor, Kelsey was a body double for Jurnee Smollet, which was her first introduction to SAG/Aftra credits. Shortly after she landed a speaking role on BET’s The Game as Maya, which initiated her full pursuit into acting. Before moving to New York City she began a year long short film for the rock band Fall Out Boy entitled The Young Blood Chronicles. She participated in the finale of the film in New York, featured with music legend Elton John.

Upon establishing her New York residency, she immediately began assembling her team and pursuing acting as a full time career. It is through her management team at TSD Image where she began training with her mentor, life and acting coach Sheik Mahmud-Bey.




BET - Salim Akil

Feature Film - Tyler Perry

The Game Season 6 - Salim Akil

Feature Film - Todd Graff

Feature Film - Marcus Dunstan

Vh1 - Tamra Davis

USA - Kevin Dowling

Film & Television

The Game Season 7 - Maya

Marriage Counselor - Body Double

The Game Season 6 - Waitress

Joyful Noise - Dancer

The Collection - Party Goer

Single Ladies - Feature Background

Necessary Roughness - Feature Background


Light Em Up - Lead
Save Rock & Roll KC - Lead
Jockey - Lead


Fall Out Boy - Andrew Zaeh/Adam Donald
Fall Out Boy ft. Elton John - Andrew Zaeh/Adam Donald
KC Jockey - Yolande G.


Shiek Mahmud-Bey Ripley-Grier Studios November 2013-April 2014

Special Skills

Boxing, cheerleading, hip-hop dancing, belly dancing, kick boxing