Lanier Westmoreland

While serving his country as a Naval Officer, his leadership and charisma was called upon to act in promotional videos on topics ranging from domestic violence to martial arts, an area of expertise as he holds a black belt in Jujitsu.

Upon leaving the Navy, he threw himself into the art of storytelling full-time, performing in many of the projects he produced or directed while studying at New York Film Academy.  He honed his craft on professional sets of films such as Handsome Harry, where he served as military consultant, as well as projects by Spike Lee, the reunion of “Do The Right Thing.”

His passion for performing has led him to work as diverse as voice-over, stand-up comedy and Off-Broadway theater where he has played Radar in a production of “MASH”, The Tin Man in “THR WIZ”; Mr. Thompson in “CASHERS”; Antonio in “CAT AMONG PIFEONS”, Juror # 12, in TWELVE ANGRY MEN; and the Inspector, in “CINDERS”. 


In Film, besides his first SAG film CINEMACOMA, he has worked in front of and behind the camera, including playing a hyper director in How To Kill Your Roommate, a film he brought to the screen as director.   Lanier has studied acting under the acting coach Susan Batson, the author of “Truth”, and continues to improve on his craft by studying at the world-renowned school of drama, The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, and being coached by the 20+ year veteran actor Marc John Jefferies in New York.