Laura Haddad


Laura Haddad is 29 years old from Dearborn, Michigan where she was born and raised. She is married to Ferris Haddad and has a 2 year old son named Landon Daniel Haddad. Laura is a full time stay at home mom running an at home business as a social entrepreneur. Through nutrition and donation through consumption, Laura is helping to save millions of malnourished children everyday all over the world. Laura Haddad has been an actor since 2004. She has starred in various different stage productions giving Laura a great advantage in performance. Most recently in the past three years Laura has only been interested in film, commercials and tv. She has made pilots for and was an extra in the delta flight information video. Her greatest passion then led her to experience a tv show called "inner circle." Her life long dream is to be a full time tv show actor.