Melvin James

After graduating from Howard University in the nations capital with a degree in political science/pre-law, Melvin James worked as the Director of Community Organizing for a major housing development corporation and organized numerous youth camps and programs for neighborhood youth in his hometown of Newark, NJ.   His career in film took flight when one of his scripts was optioned by New Line Cinema with Jim Carrey slated to play lead.  So Melvin heeded his call and made the decision to pursue a career in film full time.  Melvin has worked as a Producer, Production Manager, Production Coordinator, Assistant Director, and a host of other positions on films such as Night Falls On Manhattan, The Devil's Own, Ransom, Donnie Brasco, and Godzilla, just to name a few. He has also worked under such acclaimed directors as Martin Scorsese, Sidney Lumet, Roland Emmerich, Mike Newell, Spike Lee and Ron Howard.  This experience has afforded Melvin the opportunity to learn from the best, and to develop his own style of writing and directing. His debut feature film, "King of Hearts" received rave reviews and critical acclaim and set the tone for his no holds barred and clever styled approach to  making movies.  Melvin followed up his feature film debut with "Honeybee" for Artisan Entertainment and "A Miami Tail" for Lion's Gate Films. Among directing several award winning short films and hit television shows like "College Hill" on BET, his feature film the hit indy comedy "Still A Teen Movie" broke the top 100 most downloaded films list on iTunes for the first month of it's release. Melvin James has just completed production on his fifth feature film titled "Pause" and has also completed directing his latest short film titled, "While The Cats Away" an official selection of the 2013 Cannes International Film Festival. Melvin James is currently in pre-production on his latest feature film titled "Addicted To Chaos"



Directed by Melvin James


A woman with plenty to hide has a rendezvous with her secret lover, but is interrupted by a handful of uninvited guests. 


LONG SYNOPSIS While the Cat’s Away follows serial adulterer Leanne for eight minutes of her life as she decides to have  some fun with the caring and sensitive Tom, while her partner Fiona is out of town. Relaxing on her bed Tom promises her the world if she promises never to leave him again. It seems Leanne hasn’t been completely honest with Tom though, as a handful of eccentric uninvited ex-flames one by one let themselves into Leanne’s house causing fears that Fiona has returned from her trip early. Leanne starts hiding her lovers away as best she can, but with all the hiding  places in her room taken, Fiona does turn up. Will Leanne be caught out and finally have to pay the consequences for getting up to no good while the cat’s away...?