Check out these films that include our Collaborations acting cast!


Directed by Desmond Lamont


Synopsis: Everyday 22 Military Soldiers die by suicide. 22 Soldiers is a snippet of a documentary entitled "Thirteen Minutes". This documentary will bring awareness to the unnecessary deaths of those we love and can save


Desmond started his professional career at the age of 15 receiving his first paid gig for the stage play “Along the Tracks”. From there the journey began.  Being cast in over 20 professional paying gigs from the ages of 15-18, he decided that this was going to be his career. While in college Desmond became infatuated with directing and production, thus began to work on the behind the scenes part of the production. After graduating, he began to write his own productions and it went on from there. Today with 4 stage plays and 5 screenplays written the passion still continues. He continues to write for himself and others. Success seems to follow him in whatever he does.



Directed by Rajiv Shah


AGNES, a sallow 30 year old, has been taking the same commute home as Paul day after day to an equally uninteresting existence, the most interesting part of their days being the hour they share together on the same train ride home. Paul notices

Agnes and Agnes have definitely noticed Paul, neither ever speaking to the other. Off the train and back in their empty houses....


Rajiv Shah- is an award winning Actor/filmmaker, from the San Francisco Bay Area, raised in a multi-ethnic Household has shaped the Projects he's worked on, from the world Premieres of Philip Kan Gotanda’s, A fist of Roses; Gotanda's, Manzanar: An American Story; and Mart Crowley’s The Men From The Boys, a sequel to Mr. Crowley's landmark Play, The Boys in The Band.

As a filmmaker, Rajiv co-wrote and produced the dramatic short film, Dumpling, which premiered at the Los Angeles Asian American Film Festival and is being currently distributed by IndieFlix and MNET Media. Dumpling won best dramatic short at the Independent Filmmakers Showcase and was a finalist in competition at the HollyShorts Film Festival.






While awaiting her father's return from the WW2 front lines, a 9-year-old girl helps the disfigured town outcast secretly nurture a rare breed of moths.



The chills of winter blow through a rural Midwestern community in 1944 and Sam Whitaker, a lonely 9-year-old, awaits her father’s return from the World War 2 front lines. One day, Sam has a chance run in with a disfigured older boy named Frank, who is known for his monstrous appearance as the town outcast. Despite the harsh criticism from her peers, Sam befriends Frank, and learns a lesson about true friendship while nurturing a rare breed of moths.


ANDY FORTENBACHER is a native of West Michigan and is currently completing his MFA in film directing at Columbia University in New York City. Andy has built a portfolio of films that are rich in story about characters that battle their personal and external difficulties. Fortenbacher is particularly interested in dark dramas and genres such as suspense, thriller, and comedy and his technical proficiency produces a highly visual and auditory style of filmmaking that enhances his ability to tell his stories.

Fortenbacher has directed eight short films and has received numerous awards from film festivals around the world. In addition to his directorial projects, Fortenbacher is a member of the International Cinematographers Guild (IATSE - Local 600) and worked as camera assistant on several feature length films. He has also worked as the Director of Photography on a number short films, commercial productions, and web series in Michigan, New York City, and Los Angeles.


Before becoming a filmmaker, Fortenbacher spent several years working in audio production, which complemented his passion for music. When he is not working behind the camera, he enjoys working as a post-production sound designer and sound mixer.



Directed by: Benjamin R. La Londe


“Father and son legends Arnold and Arnie Wells overcome the odds in the timeless sport of boxing.”

This documentary explores the relationship between boxing trainers, Arnold "Arnie" Wells Sr. and his son Charles Arnold "The Champ" Wells, as they work together to be the best in not only their boxing game, but in every aspect of life. Their inspiring story and passion for the sport shows that anyone can rise to the top to become a Champion, no matter what punches life throws their way.


Benjamin R. La Londe-

Benjamin R. La Londe is currently a student at Mott Community College in Flint, Michigan. He is pursuing a degree in Media Arts and Entertainment Technologies and will be finishing his education in December 2014. His passion is telling real life inspiring stories about seemingly ordinary people.

Having gone to a small, private school, Ben never had any media production classes or programs to be a part of, but rather chose to teach himself. After much trial and error, he finally started to understand the way cameras work and fell in love with filmmaking.


"At first, it was just short little two-minute long shoot-'em-up action films with my friends during the summer. Then I heard about Mott's Media Program. And everything really started to make sense."

Throughout the program, Ben has learned about various areas of Production in many different genres from Broadcast News, to Narrative Film, to Documentary Film. He is currently directing and producing his second short documentary film, telling the story of Michigan's longest running Drive-In theater.



Directed by Ralph K. Scott

A story about a man that desires a bond with his elderly father.  He realizes that he is running out of time due to his father slipping further into dementia.  What he comes to realize is he needs to now turn his attention toward his own son.
Just as the twig is bent, so grows the tree.

Barbasol is a personal journey in storytelling.  It is a unique chance to tell a complex story of the father and son relationship The goal is to create a project that will inform, inspire, and motivate people about the importance and impact of father-Hood and Mental Health awareness.

Barbasol will be linked with various mental health organizations.  Directed by, Ralph K. Scott, written by Kiara C. Jones of Cultivated Films, the film stars Stephen Hill as Harper; Ebbe Bassey as Grace; Elijah Williams as Grant and William Jay Marshall as "Super Chief". . 

Mental illness is a topic that is rarely discussed, particularly in ethnic communities.  

This film is dedicated to the memory of those that may sometimes forget.


Directed by Melvin James


A woman with plenty to hide has a rendezvous with her secret lover, but is interrupted by a handful of uninvited guests. 


LONG SYNOPSIS While the Cat’s Away follows serial adulterer Leanne for eight minutes of her life as she decides to have  some fun with the caring and sensitive Tom, while her partner Fiona is out of town. Relaxing on her bed Tom promises her the world if she promises never to leave him again. It seems Leanne hasn’t been completely honest with Tom though, as a handful of eccentric uninvited ex-flames one by one let themselves into Leanne’s house causing fears that Fiona has returned from her trip early. Leanne starts hiding her lovers away as best she can, but with all the hiding  places in her room taken, Fiona does turn up. Will Leanne be caught out and finally have to pay the consequences for getting up to no good while the cat’s away...?


Directed and produced by Fredy Soberanis



William Samayoa

Rocio Garcia Gomez

Carlos Cesar Barrios

Vanessa Ruiz Ovand

Filmed in Guatemala City


Directed and produced by Fredy Soberanis

Based on the stage play of the same name Interior, is the dramatization of the life of Francis, an unemployed man, sick, without the love of his life, showing everything that happens within him, his thoughts and the constant talks to himself, consciousness, instinct, hope, seeing in this way, all his broken dreams and lost all trust in God, ends up sinking into the depths of despair. Currently participating in the 5th Festival of short films, "Cortópolis" in the city of Cordova, Argentina.


Directed by Andre J Ray

Starring Paris A Jones & Ann Filippis this noir type romance centers around a veteran prostitute Tiffany Price (Filippis) and her old friend Roger Brooks (Jones). As the night unfolds we learn more about their complicated history and their foggy future. Covering themes of temporary love, moral ambiguity and cynicism Foggy Relations also serves as an allegory for the city of Detroit.

Andre Ray is an award winning Writer/Director from Detroit Michigan. After attending Watkins College of Art Design and Film in Nashville, he enrolled into The Motion Picture Institute of Michigan to begin a career in Metro Detroit. In addition to numerous music videos and commercials Andre has written and directed a number of short films including the award winning "3 The Hard Way". He served as assistant director on "The Inner Circle", the pilot episode an hour length premium network television drama.


Directed by Meissner

Heidi Meissner 
Grant Krause (Machine Gun Preacher)

Edgar Allan Poeʼs timeless chiller The Tell-Tale Heart gets a feminist perspective and a suspenseful new twist in this short film.

Award winning Director Eli Meissner, adds a socially conscious commentary to the famous story. This short film explores the possible psychological roots of the narrator’s “Madness.” The visually stunning tale unfolds layer by layer, through three dimensions of narrative.

When a young woman’s secret past resurfaces in the form of realistic
Nightmares, she begins to fear the evil vulture-eye of her watchful uncle. Our narrator is caught in a collision of reality and delusion.

Shot on location in upstate New York on the state-of-the-art RED ONE camera by award-winning director of Photography Patrick Elliot (Love Orchard). 

“Making a period film is a big, big deal. No matter how much you prepare, it’s easy to get the details wrong, and if you get the details wrong, people don’t believe it.”


Directed by Roderick D. Giles.

Writer Kelvin Z. Phillips


Two men wait in a posh restaurant. One is waiting for his blind date from a Christian dating service. The other is waiting for a prostitute. Take a guess as to what happens.

Starring Wendell Pierce (HBO’s Treme, The Wire; Brown Sugar, Waiting to Exhale) Garfield, Veronica Welch, Fidias Reyes, Duane C. Ferguson, Anthony J. Ricchiute

Official selection at the 2001 Urbanworld Film Festival, 2001 Pan African Film & Arts Festival, 2002 San Francisco Black Film Festival (3rd Place winner); licensed to HBO from 2001–2003; aired on BET-J in August 2006.


By Roy Clovis



Corinne is an eight year-old girl who enjoys spending summer afternoons playing in front of her family’s bookstore. But the tranquility of a beautiful day in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn unravels when a teenage boy steals her bike. Will the search for the bicycle unite this gentrifying community or ignite a conflict that will tear it apart?



Roy Clovis-

Fifteen years in the video, television, and film industry, Roy Clovis has proven himself a man of many talents. An experienced producer, director, and editor, Clovis’s ability to take a diverse range of film projects from start to successful finish is evidenced in a number of noteworthy accomplishments and accolades. The Cycle was selected as a finalist for the 2010 HBO Short Film Award. After winning a host of awards including BEST DRAMA in the Indie Producer Short Film Contest, and the SCREENWRITING AWARD at the 2010 Colorado Film Festival, The Cycle was licensed by HBO and Cinemax and will air periodically on both networks until 2013.

Roy also won the 2008 Allstate “Be Reel” Film Competition at the American Black Film Festival for his direction of a 90-second film, The Lucky Suit. In 2009, Clovis produced Pride and Perseverance: the Story of the Negro Leagues, a one-hour documentary that premiered on the MLB Network during its first month of operation. In 2006, Roy edited the independent film Sarbane’s Oxley, which won eight awards on the film festival circuit, including Best Feature and Best Editing at the 2007 Long Island International Film Festival.


By Nicole Michaelis


A story about what it takes to survive your survival job.

In Tee’d OFF a struggling actor recaps what he had to endure to make it to an audition and finally reveals his own unique way of coping with rejection.


Nicole Michaelis Studied film at Yale University and NYU’s Tish School of the Arts.
Since finishing her MFA, Nicole has worked at the Warners Brothers Creative Lab, VBS
TV, MTV Networks and Ogilvy& Mather. In addition to working full time in video
production. Nicole is involved in too many writing/directing/ photographing to count.


Directed by Roderick Giles


Choose right...'cause there's no turning back!

Tyson Beckford stars in this gripping psychological drama about a young thug who's confronted about his life choices by an unforgiving accuser.

Director/Producer - Roderick D. Giles

Roderick D. Giles began his career in film over twelve years ago as a production assistant on the film FX. His work in Television includes “Showtime at the Apollo, In the Mix, Video music Box, The Source Awards, The Best of the BBC” and four years at a Public Broadcast Station. While at PBS he received an Emmy nomination for his camera work. Giles currently teaches video production, directing and documentary filmmaking for Bronxnet at Lehman College in New York City, besides developing projects for his production company Clarendon Entertainment Inc.


Directed by Joyia D. Bradley


Kitty Bainbridge is Dead! As two reporters are led down a trail of lies, they stumble onto the truth that will leave you shocked. Set in the 40's, two feuding reporters trying desperately to save their jobs have one chance to scoop the story of an heiress found lifeless in a bathtub and her colored maid that is accused of the deed. As the most unlikely characters come to the maid's defense, things are not as they would seem and everything is not as it should be. Determined to not be outwitted, the reporters team up together to discover that they have been a part of the story all along and now have a role to play to keep up the charades. A tale of love, mystery, sexual boundaries, race and gender confront the reporters in their search for the truth and answers the age old question, What would you do for love?


Joyia D. Bradley-

Directs for both the stage and screen. Her short films have competed in festivals here and abroad. Recently, she staged a reading of a new version of Robin Rice Lichtig’s “Gently Down The Stream” that originally opened to rave reviews at Edinburgh Fringe Festival with Articulate Theatre Company. Currently, she is gearing up for a staged reading of a new play, “Water’s Edge”;  the short play festival at New Perspectives Theatre; and a film slated for film festivals in 2015. She thanks her partner and daughter for their support in making all the dreams come true.


Directed by Quacy Rose


What do you say when you’re faced with love? Jade and Craig meet up at the bus stop and have so much to say but the right words won’t come to play



Quacy Rose-


Born in Jamaica, Quacy moved to the United States when he was 14 years old.

During high school he took his first production class, He has work on his first short film, The Engagement Party in 2006. Since then he has gone on to produce, write, and directed such films Walking Maris’ Way, Recoil and In A Moment. “I have always telling stories as a kid, and directing films the best way for me to tell my stories”.


Directed by Andre Ray

Three screw up cops at the bottom of the barrel gets their hands on a case straight from the top. They set off on a chase in search of drugs, a veteran drug dealer and their elusive respect.


Writer/Director -

Andre Ray is a young up and coming Writer/Director who at age 19 already has 5 years’ experience writing feature films. After graduating high school he attended Watkins College of Art Design and Film a school accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD). After one year in 2011 he enrolled into "The Motion Picture Institute" where his directing career began. Short films include "Road”, “Foggy Relations" and "3 The Hard Way". Andre is also a Writer/Director for TagStone Media where he writes and directs numerous commercial and personal videos for businesses, artists, and families alike. His long term goal is the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay.


Directed by Wesley Du


An ex-boxer desperate to connect with his only son gives him a gift

On his 21st birthday that will change their lives forever.


Wesley Du

Wesley Du is an award winning director that hails from Richmond, Virginia and is a proud graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University. Wesley has had plays read or produced at the Pan Asian Repertory Theater Company (NYC), Second Generation Theater Company (NYC), Theater Mu (Minneapolis), San Francisco Asian Theater Company, Lodestone Theater Company (L.A.), Thumping Claw (L.A.) and The East West Players (L.A.) He worked as a second assistant to Shaun Redick at the Collective. His first short film, IF I WAS LIKE YOU, was screened at the DC Asian Film Festival.


A short film by Miks Ozolins.


Kylie Rogers, Anna Lea Stewart, Greg Eagles

Forsake Me Not is a short psychological drama about sisters Roxy & Maya who fight to remain safe while Roxy does what's in her power to protect her sibling and reunite with parents.