"I had an absolute blast in the rehearsal process and during performance. Coming off of appearing in RSC's "Julius Caesar" at BAM, Collaborations was the perfect next stop. I had never worked on a Tennessee Williams scene as a professional, and now I had the chance. I was so amazed at the amount of talent I was surrounded by and knew that I had to bring my A game. As a Director, Bey is an actor's dream. His straight talk approach combined with love and humor made the whole experience worthwhile. One feels his passion for the craft. I left inspired to do more and be more. "
- Tomike Ogugua

"Shiek I would like to say I had a great experience working with your great organization and I met so many talented people who were working under your great guidance and great direction. All I can say before during and after the event I had a thrilling and glorious artistic experience and I hope I am fortunate to experience this great artistic experience in the future! I met and exchanged artistic contacts with numerous people during and after this great event thanks to you Shiek I am grateful. I wish you and your collaborations organization continued and great success! Peace my brother and as always adieu!"
- Robert Walker

"My experience with Collaborations has been transformative to me as an actress. Working with Sheik Mohammad Bey has helped me become more truthful, simple and moment to moment in my work as an actress. Making the connections with the other actors has been the most enjoyable. to see them come to life through their characters and encouraging each other as we work for a common goal which is to be the best we can. I have been on auditions with casting people and writers that saw me in both Collaborations. I myself brought a producer and casting director to see the shows and they were very impressed with the professionalism and the high caliber of the work."
- Susan Campanaro

"Being a part of Collaborations was such a great experience, Shiek is a great coach. I met a lot of directors, producers, and agents that I wouldn't have been able to meet on a regular basis. Because of this showcase I have an upcoming meeting with a well-respected agent and a possible role in an up-coming film. I'm so excited and grateful!"
- Leigh-Ann Rose

"On May 21st at Taj lounge, I had the pleasure of being apart of Collaborations headed by a phenomenal actor and my acting coach Shiek Mahmud-Bey. It was a great experience for me because I got a chance to showcase my talent in front of my peers and industry people who can potentially take me to that next level. Also the networking was great. I got to meet other starving actors like myself wanting to take over Hollywood. I am very appreciative of this opportunity and looking forward to the next one."
- Will Strong

"Collaborations for me was a joy to perform in and I am elated that I had an opportunity to collaborate with all the fine thespians that performed. It was very beneficial to me because I made some great connections with film makers who were in attendance 2 of 
which would like for me to be in their upcoming projects. Also the thing I'm most excited about is a meeting I have scheduled for this Wednesday with an Agent who was in attendance. Lets Get it! Thanks Shiek."

Live Life with Love 
- Bornworldfamous 

"I have had the honor of witnessing some amazing actors and a very special director. My fellow actors have been an inspiration to 
work with. The caliber of talent was outstanding and to share the moment with them was truly special. The behind the scenes aspect orchestrated by Shiek left me floored with the creative and brilliant choices he made. I watched as he placed each of our stories in a delicate and beautiful balance, creating an emotional journey for the audience that strengthened our work. He has an innate knack of knowing how to bring the best out of each one of us. We all were in great hands! It was a privilege. Thank you Collaborations team!"
- Karinne Saint-Louis

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"His [Shiek] straight talk approach combined with love and humor made the whole experience worthwhile. One feels his passion for the craft. I left inspired to do more and be more."

- Tomike Ogugua

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